29 - The House That Pretentiousness Built

Hello! We're back once again during a break in traveling to discuss a movie we had very high hopes for, but of course... There's no surprise that it would lead to complete and utter dissatisfaction. What else is new?

*trigger warning for lots of gratuitous violence and strong feelings regarding bad movies*

27 - Tranquility Spangled Ambulance

Well, we recorded this as late as we possibly could, but it’s better than nothing- especially if we’re talking about one of our favorite bands of all time! But could their performance in Seattle that night actually stand up to the hype? Well, I’d say to stay cautious and listen, because it’s the last Drinking Drunk before the pre-marriage honeymoon!

26 - Post-Apocalyptic Pool Party

As we return to the present day, there is a ton to catch back up on! From store closures to Hawaiian plans, and even some band updates, a lot happened these past couple of days. Sadly, we couldn’t get to those movies we talked about but hey, that’s what the next episode is for. Thanks for listening!

25 - Golden Pyramid Circles

The irony in this episode is incredible. The main event that kickstarted this podcast and all of its glorious detail. Listening back to this 24 episodes later, it's no wonder we kept going, and I’m really glad we did. Thanks for tuning in, drinking responsibly, and of course, thanks so much for listening!

23 - Our Friend Telltale

We’re finally back this week after having watched My Friend Dahmer (with copious amounts of spoilers and serial killer talk) and discuss the falling out regarding Telltale Games and their abrupt studio shutdown. Sure sounds like an upper of an episode, doesn’t it?

21 - Sleeper Searching or (A Series of Events Unraveling to the Next Plot Point)

After some in-depth music/band talk, we attempt to navigate through the plot for the newly released motion picture "Searching." Spoilers abound for the film of course, but could you even make sense of our conversation regarding it? Just go watch the movie and then maybe this episode would make just a little more sense.